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See the gallery space and view the exciting work in this spectacular location – a designated area of outstanding natural beauty just off the coast path. 

Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects
2nd - 6th February 2017 Stand 5.5 Ground floor

Melanie Georgacopoulos Jewellery 
Tony Hayward Mixed Media 
Marta Rogoyska Tapestry 
Nicola Tassie Ceramics 
Janice Tchalenko Ceramic Bowls And Vessels

We were delighted to have shown for the fifth time at Collect, at the Saatchi Gallery. Five artists we exhibited:

Melanie Georgacopoulos showed her stunning jewellery – this year for the first time using mother of pearl.

Tony Hayward showed his extraordinary three dimensional assemblages this time made from found small-scale paintings showing peopleless landscapes. 

Marta Rogoyska showed her distinctive tapestries with abstract images in hand dyed exuberant colours

Nicola Tassie showed new pieces which continue her experimentation with the functional, functionally ambiguous and sculptural.

Janice Tchalenko showed new porcelain bowls and vessels


Collect 2017 artist: 
Melanie Georgacopoulos


Mother of Pearl Tile Four Colour Necklace
Yellow, pink, peacock and white mother of pearl tiles with 18 ct white gold and white South Sea Pearl. Photo: Packshot Factory

Melanie Georgacopoulos showed her latest jewellery collection. Known for challenging ideas about the pearl as a material for traditional jewellery, she is now creating new ways of working with Mother of Pearl. Her fabulous designs show off its beautiful iridescent multi colours and use the material in a new way. Once again she challenges the traditional use of a material.


Mother of Pearl Emerald Cufflinks 18 ct yellow gold with peacock, lavender and white Mother of Pearl emeralds and 8mm Peacock freshwater pearls. Photo: Packshot Factory

Collect 2017 artist: 
Tony Hayward


Hanging Branches 2016 Mixed media
31 × 45 × 32 cm Photo: Tony Hayward
Shown at Collect 2017  

Tony Hayward has created three works for Collect – all are made from found small scale paintings showing peopleless landscapes in which he appears to have pealed back the picture surface to reveal a 3D landscape below. To these he has added elements which echo objects in the painting. The canvases are angled to the wall so that the viewer has to move around to experience the illusion of the image as well as the materiality of the canvas.


Tony Hayward New Development 2017 Mixed media 
32 x 45 x 34 cm Photo: Tony Hayward
Shown at Collect 2017 


To be Collected 2017 Mixed media 
30 × 52 × 20 cm Photo: Tony Hayward
Shown at Collect 2017

Collect 2017 artist: 
Nicola Tassie


Block 2017 Glazed stoneware, 9 thrown, turned and squashed vessels stacked up in a block 40 x 63 x 30 cm  (sold)

Tassie showed a group of ceramic works related to Folly Series 1 Height 250 cm. She has been experimenting with the functional, functionally ambiguous and sculptural. Works at Collect were towards the sculptural or are they?

At Collect in 2015 Nicola Tassie's installations were a sell out.


Nicola Tassie Folly Series 1 2016 Glazed stoneware Height 250 cm 
Photo: Peter Abrahams

Collect 2017 artist: 
Marta Rogoyska


Marta Rogoyska The Territory 2016 Wool on cotton warp 45 x 52 cm 
Photo: Steve Lester

Marta Rogoyska exhibited 4 tapestries (see them here) made especially for Collect. Each distinctive image is woven with hand dyed colours and offers the spectator a different visual mood.


On Yellow 2016 Wool on cotton warp 43 x 61 cm
Photo: Steve Lester

Collect 2017 artist: 
Janice Tchalenko


Janice Tchalenko Work in progress

Tchalenko is known for her domesticware which includes one off pieces as well as large scale production for organisations such as Dartington Pottery Devon, Next, and John Lewis.

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